What is

Darsana Connections?

Darsana Connections was inspired by the ancient Sanskrit concept of darśana or "auspicious sight." In its traditional sense, darśana is meant to embody the experience a devote worshipper has during the instance of beholding and being beheld by their deity. This is then followed by a vision of the true nature of this world, the cause of one’s personal bondage and the path to personal liberation. The purpose of the darśana experience is to show the path to prosperity through knowledge of self, the experienced world and the unknown network that binds and relates all.

Darsana Connections is for those who have devoted themselves to their respective art and craft, and who are looking to join a collective of like-minded individuals readily available to connect and share insights.

Want to Learn More?

Darsana Connections is a comprehensive private network for communication, collaboration and connection. Become a member and learn about us and more amongst a network of your peers. Join our community and envision the next connection. The choice is yours.


Are you seeking a secure networking platform where every connection is of value, verified and an active contributor?

With Darsana Connections each member has been hand-picked based on verified professional and academic achievements and online presence and activity. This is in addition to ones desire to network with active C level professionals of various industries.

With our secure platform you may continue building your networking base with the assurance that your information will never be sent to a third party. Best of all, each member will have the opportunity to showcase your achievements and current or new projects. As a valued member you will be featured on our homepage during your individual member recognition for added exposure as "Member of the Week" or "Member of the Month."

We will inform you of member and company led webinars, in addition to invitations to conferences. As a member you will also have access to the latest in business, financial and medical related publications.

Are you tired of weeding through irrelevant photos?

Your time is valuable and we appreciate the importance of a professional platform. What sets us apart from other networking platforms? We believe in the basic essentials of networking: we place innovators, executives and entrepreneurs in contact with other sophisticated individuals. More importantly, our team of neurologists developed an algorithm to increase more viable recommended connections for a link that is sure to instill creative ideas and budding business relationships. Come join us!

It's all about having a secure state of mind.

The time is now, your next connection awaits...