1. Gated Community of Professionals

    Our team of professionals hand-pick each member based on confirmed professional and educational experience, current networking progress and business accomplishments.

    Each member is selected based upon professional experience and progression within industry with verification of Education and Employment history of each applicant.

  2. Professional Branding

    Upon acceptance, our editors will prepare a personalized written biography focusing on educational and professional accolades to showcase your achievements, publications and company profile.

    Profile branding provides added exposure to top industry professionals as well as public recognition of achievements; current projects; and future aspirations

  3. Private Hosting and Communication

    As a member you will be given the opportunity to host and attend company and member led webinars, seminars and conference to share ideas and experience with like-minded professionals.

  4. Collective Recognition

    Each member will be offered the opportunity to be a "Member of the Week," on our website. During this period, member achievements will be published within our network via our public homepage.

    Furthermore, active members will also have the opportunity to have their publications featured on Darsana Connection for increased personal recognition and profile traffic.

    All members have honorable mention within annual printed registry.

  5. Connection

    The benefits of having an experienced networking team at your disposal are endless!

    In connection with a team of neurologists, our establishment has developed a proven algorithm to provide personalized contact recommendations shown to be both professionally and personally enriching.