July 2016

Daniel Ro
Neurologist, Interventional Neurology

Dr. Daniel Ro, is a physician dedicated to patient care in Mobile, Alabama. Dr. Ro endorses the vision to enlighten both patient and physicians to better deliver patient care. During his residency with USA Medical Center, Dr. Ro works closely with his colleagues to deliver world-class care. Experienced in surgical care, multi-specialty clinics, primary care, urgent care centers, freestanding emergency centers and specialty clinics. Dr. Ro provides strategic solutions to physicians and healthcare systems, whilst dedicating himself to delivering the highest quality healthcare available.


June 2016

John Toomey
Professional Training & Coaching Fatigue Prevention Specialist International Public Speake

Fatigue is not simply about sleep. Professionals who try to convince you that fatigue is about sleep are experts in sleep and not an expert in fatigue and will talk Fatigue Management. A Human Performance Professional will always talk Fatigue Prevention.


May 2016

Gesnel Gachelin
Senior Engineer, Draper Laboratory

System Integration and Test Engineer Lead Engineer for Resource Conservation Responsible for researching, proposing and implementing new technology to reduce manufacturing cost while maximizing efficiency or profit. Maintenance Supervisor Responsible for leading a large maintenance team to maintain and insure the reliability of the manufacturing plants systems. Designed PCB from schematics up to manufacturing level using Mentor Graphics tools while utilizing advanced board layout and routing techniques. Designed highly complex systems: high speed transmission, high-density, split planes multi-layer boards with imbedded vias and surface mount components. Hand and auto route power supply boards, cell phone communication boards, and guidance system boards.